Providing Peace of Mind

We stand behind every Allison transmission we remanufacture. You can rest easy with our Good as Gold Warranty. The best warranty is the one you never need to use, but you have the peace of mind knowing you’re covered should the unexpected happen.


The Best Warranty
is the Warranty
Never Used

A warranty’s purpose is to provide peace of mind when something goes wrong. While you may find cheaper, lower quality remanufactured Allison transmissions, with longer warranties at no additional cost, consider the added expense of downtime and the operational consequences if that warranty must be used multiple times.

A Warranty should be "Good as Gold"

After 40+ years of remanufacturing only Allison transmissions, you can trust at RTS, we build them to operate like brand-new. That’s why we confidently offer our “Good as Gold” warranty. We believe the best warranty is the one never used, and ours rarely is, providing the maximum uptime you should expect from a remanufactured Allison transmission. Should an issue occur with one of our transmissions, we will expediently correct the issue to minimize your downtime, and fully investigate the cause to prevent repeat occurrences.